BR-864: Creating Original Arrangements

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Use the following procedure to create an original rhythm arrangement. You can create arrangements (Song arrangements) of up to 999 measures in the BR-864.

1. Make sure performance of the song is stopped, then press [ARRANGE/PATTERN/OFF] repeatedly until the indicator is lit (not flashing).

2. Press [PROGRAM].

3. Press [CURSOR < or >] to move the cursor to “EDIT,” and press [ENTER]. The Arrangement Edit screen is displayed. Information about the performance is displayed in the matrix display at the bottom of the screen.

* You cannot switch from the Arrangement Edit screen to other screens (except for the drum kit selection screen).

4. Press [CURSOR < or >] to move the cursor to “STEP,” (the top-left number on the screen) then turn the TIME/VALUE dial to select the step to be edited. Alternately, you can press [REW] to move to the preceding step, or press [FF] to move to the next step.

5. Press [CURSOR < or >] to move the cursor to the parameter you want to change, then turn the TIME/VALUE dial to change the setting’s value. You can press [PLAY] here to play the sound of the pattern in the currently selected step.

Starting Measure:
Set the measure where the currently selected pattern will start playing.

* The starting measure for step 1 is always set to “001.” This cannot be changed.

* You cannot set a starting measure that is equal to, or earlier than the starting measure that is set for the previous step.

* You cannot set a starting measure that is beyond the starting measure of the next step.

Pattern Number
Select the pattern. For example, set the patterns for each step as follows:
Step 1: Starting measure 001: Intro: 2 measures
Step 2: Starting measure 003: Verse: 1 measure
Step 3: Starting measure 004: Fill: 1 measure

* The length of all the preset patterns you will use for your arrangements is on P. 177 of the BR-864 Owner's Manual.

Time Signature
Set the time signature of the currently selected pattern.

Set the tempo of the pattern that is selected by the current step. Valid Settings: 25.0–250.0

6. When you have finished creating the arrangement, press [EXIT] repeatedly. The Play screen is displayed again, and the arrangement is saved.

* During updating, “Keep power on!” appears in the upper line of the display, while the lower line shows what is being processed.

* When an arrangement is played from within the Play screen, the arrangement plays all the way to the end, and then the performance of the pattern set in the last step is repeated. Thus, by setting the preset pattern “P327 BREAK” for the last step, you can have a rest be played repeatedly, which makes it seem as if the performance of the arrangement has stopped.