XP-80, XP-60: Creating a Time Signature Change

Tags: tempo,meter,xp-80,xp-60
The XP-60/80 can insert meter changes at different locations within a song. Use the following procedure to create time signatures within a song:


2. Press F4 [Micro].

3. Press the SOUND LIST/TEMPO BEAT button under the display until "BEAT TRACK" appears in the upper right corner of the display.

NOTE: The TEMPO/BEAT TRACK is specifically designed for independent storage of meter and tempo changes.

4. CURSOR to the upper-left corner of the display.

5. Use the VALUE DIAL to set the desired location for the time signature change.

6. Press F1 [Create].

7. Use the VALUE DIAL to select "BEAT."

8. Press F6 [Execute].

9. Use the CURSOR buttons to select "BEAT=4/4."

10. Use the VALUE DIAL to set the desired meter.

11. Press EXIT to return to the "SEQ. PLAY" Screen.