SP-555: How Do I Import Samples From my Computer?

Tags: aiff,import,wave,wav,sp-555
NOTE: The SP-555 can import 16-bit (or 8-bit) 44.1kHz WAV and AIFF files only. Make sure the files have never been opened within Windows Media Player. Samples will be imported in alphabetical order, so name the files accordingly.

1. Using a USB card reader (sold separately), attach a Compact Flash card to your computer.

--WINDOWS: From the Start Menu, open "My Computer" to find the SP-555 "FUGUEFAT" drive.
--MAC OSX: The SP-555 "FUGUEFAT" drive appears on the desktop.

2. Drag one or more samples (or copy/paste) onto the "FUGUEFAT" drive. Do not place them inside any folder on the drive.
3. After the samples have been copied, eject the "FUGUEFAT" drive from your computer.

--WINDOWS: Right-click the "FUGUEFAT" drive and select Eject.
--MAC OSX: Drag the "FUGUEFAT" drive to the trash.

4. Insert the flash card into the SP-555.
5. Make sure PATTERN SELECT is not lit.
6. While holding CANCEL, press RESAMPLE.
7. Press SAMPLING.
8. Select the import destination sample bank A-J.
9. Select the import destination pad 1-16.
10. Press SAMPLING. When the dot in the display stops flashing, importing is complete.