ME-70: Modulation List

Tags: details,effects,specs,me-70
The following is the Modulation list for the ME-70:

CHORUS: This effect adds subtle wavering to transform the tone into one that is broader, thicker, and more beautiful.

PHASER: This effect creates a sweeping, phase-shifted sound.

FLANGER: This creates a modulation effect like the rising and falling sound of a jet engine.

ROTARY: This effect produces the sound of rotating speakers.

UNI-V: This models the Uni-Vibe, an effect that's part of the rock sound of the 1960s.

TREMOLO: This produces a retro effect though cyclical changes in the volume level.

VIBRATO: This produces an intense vibrato effect unobtainable with normal guitar playing.

HARMONIST: This creates harmonies reminiscent of twin guitars. (Play only single notes when using the harmonist effect).

OCTAVE: This imparts thickness by adding sound an octave lower. (Play only single notes when using the octave effect).

DELAY: This delays the sound to produce an echo-like effect. At delay times of 100 to 990ms (milliseconds), you can use it as a secondary delay.