VS-840, VS-880EX, VS-880: Song Import of VS-880/VS-880EX/VS-840 Song Data from a Zip drive onto the VS-1680

Tags: import,vs-880,vs-880ex,song,vs-840,zip,convert
If you wish to import and edit VS-880/VS-880EX/VS-840 song data with the VS-1680, you must convert it to VS-1680 song data with a feature called Song Import. Use the following procedure to perform Song Import:

1. Connect the Zip drive to the VS-1680, and verify the Zip is powered on.

2. Insert the VS-880/VS-880EX/VS-840 disk with the desired song data into the Zip drive. Power on the VS-1680.


4. Hold down SHIFT and press F1 [SONG]. The Song menu icon is displayed.

5. Press F4 [Imprt]. If "Imprt" is not displayed above F4, then press PAGE until "Imprt" is displayed, and then press F4 [Imprt].

6. Press F1 [SelDr]. A list of drives appears in the display. Press the Cursor buttons to select the source drive (Zip Drive), and rotate the TIME/VALUE dial to select the load source partition (if necessary). Press F1 [Back].

7. Use the TIME/VALUE dial to move the cursor to the song you want to import, and press F3 [MARK]. When F2 [ALL] is pressed, you can place or remove the mark points on all the songs. In addition, by pressing F1 [SelSg], you can display a list of available songs. At this point, after placing mark points in the song, press F1 [Back].

8. Press F4 [Exec]. A confirmation message appears in the display.

9. Press YES. "STORE Current?" (Store the current song?) appears in the display. Press YES if you wish to save the current song; if not press NO.

10. Press PLAY/DISPLAY after Song Import is completed. At this time, the song converted by the VS-1680 becomes the current song.