V-BASS, GK-2B: Selecting Patches

Tags: gk-2b,v-bass
The V-Bass has 200 factory patches, organized by bank and number. There are 100 preset and 100 user patches, organized in 50 banks of four patches each. There are a few ways to select and audition patches.

To select a patch:

1. Make sure you're on the Play page by pressing EXIT several times.

2. Turn the PATCH/VALUE dial to select the desired patch.

To select a patch using use the pedals:

1. Step on the UP and/or DOWN BANK pedals to select the desired bank.

2. Step on Pedal 1-4 to choose the desired patch within the selected bank.

To select a patch using the S1/S2 buttons on the

1. Press SYSTEM.

2. Press F4 (GK FUNC).

3. Press F4 (Down/S1-Up/S2).

4. Turn the PATCH/VALUE dial to display "PATCH SELECT."

5. Press EXIT twice - you can now use the S1/S2 buttons to select patches.