Micro BR: Adjusting the Volume of an MP3 File

Tags: volume,mp3,play,adjust

Although there is not a function to adjust the volume of MP3 files being played in the MP3 TRAINER mode, you can import the MP3 file into a track in the multi-track mode and then adjust the volume of this track. This is useful if the MP3 music file that you have imported is not loud enough to play along with. The following steps will guide you through this procedure:

  1. Press the MP3 TRAINER button until the MP3 icon disappears from the bottom left of the screen.
  2. Press UTILITY.
  3. Press TR2 (TRK).
  4. Press the right CURSOR button (>).
  5. Press TR1 (IMP).
  6. Use the VALUE (+ & -) buttons to select the MP3 file you would like to import.
  7. Press TR4 (NEXT).
  8. Use the VALUE (+ & -) buttons to select TR12-V1 and then press TR1 (TIM).
  9. Press TR4 twice. Your MP3 file will be import into tracks 1 and 2 virtual track 1.
  10. Press EXIT a number of times to return to the main screen.
  11. Press TR1.
  12. CURSOR to the left or right until "Track Level" appear on the screen.
  13. Press and hold the TR1 button and then press the TR2 button. Track 1 and 2 will be linked together as a stereo file. Track 1 will be the left of your imported MP3 file and Track 2 will be the right.
  14. Use the VALUE (+ & -) buttons to adjust the volume of tracks 1 and 2.