VS-2000CD, VS-2000: Transferring Projects to Another VS Recorder

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The VS-2000CD allows you to export the current project so that it can be played in other VS recorders including:

• VS-880/880EX
• VSR-880
• VS-890
• VS-1680/1880/1824CD
• VS-2400CD
• VS-2480

Note: The VS-2000CD cannot export a project directly to the VS-840’s data format. You can export a project as VS-880 data, and use the VS-840’s Song Convert feature to load the data.

When you export a song to another V-Studio, the VS-2000CD converts it into a project format of the other V-Studio. You can export backed-up song data to a CD. After the other V-Studio recovers the song, it’s loaded as the current project. The following steps will guide you through this procedure.

  1. Load the desired project into the VS-2000CD.
  2. Hold down SHIFT and press F1.
  3. If “EXPORT” isn’t visible above F4, press PAGE until it is.
  4. Press F4 (EXPORT). The PROJECT EXPORT screen appears.
  5. Set the Verify to ON and CD Speed to MAX
  6. Set the Save As parameter to select the type of V-Studio data the VS-2000 will export to.
  7. Set the Export Track parameter to the VS-2000CD tracks that you would like to export to the other model V-Studio.
  8. Press F5 (OK). The VS-2000 asks if you want to save any recent changes you’ve made to the current project before proceeding.
  9. Press ENTER/YES to save any recent changes.
  10. After the backup has completed, you can then use the Recover function in your other model V-Studio to load this backup into the unit.

    • If a project is too large to fit on the medium you’re using, the VS-2000CD asks you for additional media as needed. Insert the requested media and press ENTER/YES.
    • During a multi-CD export operation, the VS-2000CD asks for each disk twice: once to label the disk, and once to actually write data on the disk.