Synching the VS-2480 with the VS-1680/1880/1824

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In addition to MIDI Time Code, the VS-2480 and VS-1680/1880/1824 can be synchronized by using MIDI Machine Control and Digital Clock. MIDI Machine Control messages are used to control the transport functions while Digital Clock messages are used to provide a timing reference. This allows us to transfer the audio from the unit to the master without leaving the digital domain. In the following example, we will synchronize the VS-2480 as a MMC Master device to the VS-1680 using MIDI Machine Control and Digital Clock Setup.
Use the following procedure to set-up a VS-2480 and VS-1680 to operate in sync with the VS-2480 as the MMC master device:
(These instructions are no different for the VS-1680, VS-1880, or VS-1824.)

1. Connect the MIDI OUT jack of the VS-2480 to the MIDI IN jack of the VS-1680.

2. Connect the MIDI OUT jack of the VS-1680 to the MIDI IN jack of the VS-2480.

3. Connect DIGITAL OUT jack of the VS-1680 to the DIGITAL IN (Coaxial or Optical) jack on the VS-2480. NOTE: Make sure that both the VS-1680 and VS-2480 are powered on and that the current song’s sampling rate (48kHz, 44.1kHz, or 32kHz) is the same on both units.

Procedure for setting up the VS-2480:

1. Press the UTILITY button.

2. Press PAGE to display MIDI over F5. Press F5 [MIDI].

3. Set "MIDI THRU" to "OUT" (if necessary).

4. Set "SysEx. Tx Sw" to select "ON".

5. Set "MMC" to "MASTER".

6. Press F6 [EXIT].

7. Press F6 again for [SYNC].

8. Set "SYNC MODE" to "EXT".


10. Set "Frame Rate" to "30".

11. Press F6 to EXIT.

12. Press PAGE to display PROJ over F3. Press F3 [Proj].

13. Select either OPTICAL IN or COAXIAL IN depending on which type you are using. "DIGITAL IN LOCK!" will be displayed briefly.



16. Press F1 to VIEW and route the COAX or OPT input to INPUT MIXER 17/18. This will route the master outputs of the VS-1680 to INPUT MIXER 17/18 of the VS-2480.

17. Press IN 17-24 and raise the 17 and 18 faders to a comfortable listening level.

VS-1680 Settings:

1. Hold SHIFT and press F5 for SYSTEM menu.

2. Press F4[MIDI]. If MIDI is not displayed over F4, press PAGE, then F4[MIDI].

3. Set "MIDI THRU" to "OUT" with the Time/Value dial.

4. Set "MMC" to "SLAVE" with the Time/Value dial.

5. Press F6[EXIT], then F6 again to go into the SYNC parameter page.

6. Set "SYNC SOURCE" to "INT" with the Time/Value dial.

7. Set "SYNC Gen." to "MTC" with the Time/Value dial.

8. Set "SYNC MTC TYPE" to "30" with the Time/Value dial. When you press PLAY on the VS-2480, both units will start playing.

Note: The Tempo display will be adjusted with the VS-1680 since it is generating the sync. To set the tempo hold SHIFT and press TAP, which will take you to the Tempo Map parameter.