SPD-20: Setting MIDI Parameters

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Since MIDI parameters can be set independently for each pad bank (A and B)
,each pad can control two external sound modules. Use the following procedure
to set MIDI parameters:

1) From Play mode, use PATCH/VALUE [- or +] to select the Patch (1-99) for
which you wish to make settings.
2) Press EDIT to enter the Edit mode.
3) Use the SELECT button to select the MIDI parameter group.
4) Use the UP or DOWN cursor buttons [v or ^] to select the parameter you wish
to edit.
5) Use the BANK A/B button to select the pad bank you wish to edit.
6) Strike the pad you wish to edit.
7) Use the PATCH/VALUE buttons [- or +] to adjust the parameter.
8) Press [ EDIT ] once again to return to the Play mode.