BR-864: Selecting and Performing Rhythm Arrangements

Tags: rhythm,br-864,arrangement,arrange,drum,machine,drums
Use the following procedure to select and playback a preset rhythm arrangement with the BR-864's Rhythm Guide:

1. Press [ARRANGE/PATTERN/OFF] repeatedly until the indicator is lit.

2. Select the arrangement. Use CURSOR < or > and the TIME/VALUE dial to select the Preset/Song and number.

P01–P50: Preset arrangements 1–50
S01–S05: Song arrangements 1–5

For this example, choose a Preset arrangement (1-50).

3. Move the RHYTHM GUIDE fader until it is approximately two-thirds of the way up (within the blackened area on the side of the fader strip).

4. Press [ZERO] to reset the play position back to the beginning of the song, then press [PLAY].
The selected arrangement is performed.