JUPITER-50 Assigning the Foot Pedal to control Rotary Speed

Tags: rotary,speed,leslie,footwitch

Many of the organ patches in the Jupiter-50 use the Rotary effect. You can assign a pedal to control the speed of that effect.

1. Connect your foot switch/pedal to the Control Pedal 2 input.

2. Press MENU.

3. Press F3 SYSTEM.

4. Press F1 SETUP.

5. Press F2 CONTROL

6. Cursor to Pedal 2 Assign and use the dial to select CC29. (Controller 29 is setup by default to control the speed of the rotary effect.)

If you are using a latched pedal, such as an FS-5L, pressing the pedal will switch between the fast and slow rotary speed. If you are using an unlatched pedal, such as a DP-2, FS-5U, or DP-10, holding down the pedal will give you the fast rotary speed and releasing it will switch to the slow speed.