JV-1000: Comparable Sound Module

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The JV-880 module is similar to the JV-1000 keyboard, but there are a few
differences. The JV-880 has 2 banks of ROM Patches while the JV-1000 has the
same 2 plus an additional 4 banks. Also, the JV-1000 can be expanded with the
VE-GS1 Sound Canvas expansion board and it has a built-in sequencer. The JV-880
has a similar structure (8 part multitimbral, 28 voice polyphonic, same Patch
structure) to the JV-1000 but contains less waveforms.

Other similar sound modules are the JV-1080 and JV-2080. Both have 16 part
multitimbral capability, 64 voice polyphony and an expanded JV sound engine.
The JV-1080 has 512 on-board patches and can accommodate up to 4 SR-JV80 wave
expansion boards while the JV-2080 has 640 on-board patches and can accommodate
up to 8 SR-JV80 wave expansion boards.