RS-5, RS-9: Saving a Drum Set

Tags: rs-5,rs-9
The RS-Series Keyboards have 2 User Drum Sets. User Drum Sets are sets you can
write over. Use the following procedure to save a Drum Set.

1) Press PERFORM/TONE so the screen displays "Tone."
2) Use the PART >/< buttons to select Part 10.
3) Select the Drum Set you want to save to the User Bank.
4) Press UTILITY.
5) Use the VALUE +/- buttons until the screen displays "Write Tone/Drum."
6) Press ENTER.
7) Use the VALUE +/- buttons to select the User Number (1-2) you want to save
8) Press ENTER.
9) The screen will display "Now Writting, KEEP POWER ON."
10) When the screen displays "Completed," the Drum Set has been saved.