V-Combo VR-700: Selecting The Rotary Type

Tags: rotary,type,vr-700,v-combo
The V-Combo gives you a choice of five high-quality, Roland COSM-generated rotary-speaker amp models. Use the following procedure to select a different rotary type.

1. Press the FUNCTION button beneath the display—"Fnc" appears onscreen.

2. Press the -/+ buttons until "OrG" appears in the display and the first eight ENSEMBLE buttons flash.

3. Press the ENSEMBLE E. PIANO button to display the screen from which you can select amp models by number.

4. Press the -/+ buttons to select the desired rotary-speaker amp model.

Note: You can choose from the following amp models:
  • 1—The Type 1 model gets you a clean, clear amp you might use in jazz.
  • 2—The Type 2 model sounds like a vacuum-tube power-stack amp of the kind used in British hard-rock bands going back to the 1970s.
  • 3—For a more all-around rock amp, try the Type 3 model.
  • 4—The Type 4 model is the one to use when you want maximal control of the distortion added by the ROTARY SPEAKER GAIN knob. It’s a good place to find crunch, especially low-end crunch.
  • 5—The Type 5 model’s similar to Type 4, but emphasizes the mid- and high-frequency content for a throatier sound that’s great for solos.
5. Press EXIT twice to leave Function mode.