DR-3: Selecting and Playing Patterns Manually

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The DR-3 has a huge variety of different styles, each one containing eight prepared rhythm patterns; INTRO, FILL A, Verse A, FILL B, VERSE B, FILL C, VERSE C and ENDING. Use the following procedure to change the patterns in Manual Mode:

1. With the performance stopped, press MANU so it is lit.

2. Turn the VALUE dial to select one of the various preset styles (P001-P100)

3. Press the INTRO/START button to start the performance.
Tip: If you would like to have a pattern other than the INTRO-START pattern to begin first, press and hold the PTN button (above the INST button) and press the desired pad - i.e VERSE A. Then press the START (>) button.

4. Press one of the pattern pads to switch patterns.

– When you press VERSE A, VERSE B or VERSE C, the pattern for the pad you’ve pressed will start playing as soon as the one that’s currently playing has finished.

- When you press FILL A, FILL B or FILL C, the fill-in is played first, and then the corresponding VERSE to that fill-in is automatically played.

5. When you press ENDING/STOP, the ending pattern is played and then the performance stops.