TD-6V, TD-6: Connecting Two Pads to Input 5/6 (TOM2/AUX) and/or input 7/8 (TOM 3/4)

Tags: td-6,td-6v,split,add,7/8,5/6,toms
Inputs 5/6 (TOM2/AUX) and 7/8(TOM 3/4) can be "split" so that two pads can be connected to each of the inputs. For this feature to work properly, the trigger type settings for each of the inputs must be changed in the TD-6. In addition, the correct type of cable must be used. This cable is referred to as a "stereo insert cable" or "insertion cable."
For this example, we will connect two Roland PD-8 pads to input 5/6 [TOM2/AUX].

Use the following steps to configure the TD-6 correctly for this dual pad setup:

1. Using a stereo insert cable, connect the two ends of the "Y" to each of the PD-8 pads.

2. Connect the opposite single end of the cable to the 5/6 [TOM2/AUX].

3. On the TD-6, hold SHIFT and press EDIT.

4. Press the CURSOR right [>] button once.

5. Press ENTER.

6. Hold SHIFT and press CURSOR right [>] until "T2:R05" shows in the upper right hand corner of the display.

7. Press the + and - buttons to change the trigger type to "PD-8." ("AUX:H06" shows in the upper right hand corner of the display).

8. Press EXIT twice to return to the main (drum kit) menu.

For instructions on how to change the instrument of your newly added pad, refer to "Changing an Instrument Within A Kit" in this Knowledge Base.