V-Synth XT, V-Synth: Using the V-Synth or V-Synth XT as a 16 Part Instrument for Sequencing.

Tags: split,multitimbral,v-synth,part,xt,sequencing
To setup the V-Synth or V-Synth XT for use as a 16 part multitimbral instrument, make the following settings;

1) Press the MODE button.

2) Press 'SYSTEM' on the touch screen.

3) Press 'Part MIDI' on the Touch Screen.

4) For each part that you want to activate, turn the RX switch to ON.

5) Press 'Write'

6) Press 'Execute'

7) Press EXIT two times to return to the patch screen.

6) Press 'Menu'

8) From the drop down menu, press 'Info'

9) CURSOR to each part and Use the VALUE wheel to select the patch that you want to assign to each part.

10) Press 'OK'

Note- All parts will share the same effects as Part 1.