Fantom-G6, Fantom-G7: Recording To a Phrase (aka Pattern Mode)

Tags: phrase,record,pattern,fantom-g6,fantom-g7
These are the steps to which to record a Phrase. Users of the the previous Fantom know this as Pattern Mode.

1. Press STUDIO and select the part you wish to record.
2. Press TEMPO and use the VALUE dial to adjust the tempo.
3. Press SONG.
4. Press F3 (Phrase List) and choose an empty phrase ("INIT Phrase").
5. Choose an empty phrase ("INIT PHRASE").
6. Press REC and then PLAY to record your performance.
7. When finished recording, press STOP.
8. Press F2 (Save) to save your phrase.

The phrase can now be inserted into any song within the project.