F-20: Using the Metronome

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The metronome, despite being old-fashioned, is still one of the most commonly requested features. The F-20 offers an advanced metronome function, with a few features that surpass your average metronome.


To use the metronome:

1) Press the Metronome button.

2) To change the speed, use the slow and fast buttons to adjust to your preference. 


For the more advanced features, you’ll use a combination of holding down the metronome button and pushing specific piano keys.

To change the number of beats in the pattern:

1) Hold down the metronome button and use the Slow and fast buttons.  The fast button will increase the number of beats in the pattern, while the slow button will decrease the number of beats in the pattern

2) You can select a pattern ranging from no down beat, to a 6 beat pattern.  Once you find the pattern you want, let go of the metronome button.  

The F-20 metronome is also able to specify a numeric tempo.  To enter a specific number:

1) Hold down the metronome button and press the piano keys corresponding to the numbers you need, in the order that spells out your tempo marking. Refer to the attached picture to locate the keys that correspond to your desired numbers.*  

2) For example, to enter 120, hold the metronome button and press the F# for 1, the G for 2, the F for 0, and then the Eflat for enter. Be sure to use the chart to make selecting the correct numbers easy.*

*C4 refers to middle C, and each octave accounts for a number.  So C5 refers to one octave above middle C, C6 refers to two octaves above middle C, etc.  Refer to the picture below


for a visual look at how to find the keys you want.