BR-1180CD, BR-1180: Utililizing the Virtual Tracks

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Although the BR-1180/1180CD is a 10-track multitrack recorder, you can further select any of the eight V-tracks that are available for each track. This allows a wide rangThe following procedure to change V-tracks on the BR-1180:

NOTE: No more than one V.Track can be selected for each track at a time. For example, You cannot select both Track 1 V1 and Track 1 V2 to play simultaneously; you will need to select Track 1 V1 OR Track 2 V2.

1. Press V-TRACK.
The V-Track Selection screen appears. The currently selected track, and the V-track number selected for itappear in the upper-left part of the screen. The name ofthe currently selected V-track appears at the screen’s center left. A V-track that was recorded for the first time will be assigned a name (track name) automatically. The BR-1180/1180CD has a total of 80 V-tracks, each one of which can be assigned a name.

2. Use CURSOR to select the track containing the V-track you want to change.
In addition to using CURSOR < and > to change the track selected, you can also select a track directly with the REC TRACK buttons.

3. Turn the TIME/VALUE dial and change the V-Track.

4. When you are finished switching V-tracks, press V-TRACK or EXIT.
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