DR-670: Synchronization

Tags: midi,slave,clock,dr-670
The DR-670 can be synchronized to any device that transmits MIDI clock. Use the following procedure to set DR-670 to external sync:

1. With a MIDI cable, connect the MIDI OUT of the external device to the MIDI IN of the DR-670.

2. Hold SHIFT and press PAD #14 (MIDI).

3. Turn the TEMPO/VALUE dial to select "MIDI."
Note: When "MIDI" is set, the selected song or pattern in the DR-670 will only play when receiving a "MIDI Clock" message. The external MIDI device determines the tempo and the DR-670 will follow in "sync" when you start or stop the external sequencer.

4. Hold SHIFT and press PAD #5(PATTERN PLAY), or hold SHIFT and press PAD #1(SONG PLAY) to return to the desired mode.