MC-307: Syncing With The Turntable Emulator

Tags: realtime,bpm,pitch,mc-307,turntable,hold,push
Use the following procedure to sync the MC-307 with an external device using the TURNTABLE EMULATOR:

1. Select a preset pattern.

2. Press PART MUTE and mute tracks 1-7 so that just the drums are playing.

3. Start an external device (Turntable, CD player, etc.) and make sure that the device can be heard through speakers.

4. On the MC-307, tap quarter notes along with the music using the TAP button and match the tempo to the external device as best you can.

5. Press PLAY on the MC-307 with the downbeat of a measure in the music.

6. Use the TURNTABLE EMULATOR slider with the BPM button lit to further adjust and match the two tempos. You can also use the PUSH and HOLD buttons to "fine tune" the tempos.

7. If you are using backing instrument tracks on the MC-307, you can use the slider with just the PITCH button lit to match the pitches of the two devices.

8. Press STOP to end playback.