MC-50, MC-50MKII: Quantizing on the MC-50/MC-50MKII

Tags: mc-50,mc-50mkii
Use the following procedure to Quantize a recorded track on the MC-50/MC-50MKII:

1) Press EDIT, #9, then ENTER.
2) Use the VALUE DIAL to select the track to be quantized, then ENTER.
3) Use the VALUE DIAL to select which track the quantized data will go to,
then ENTER.
4) Select the data’s MIDI channel, then ENTER.
5) Select a Quantize Resolution, then ENTER.
6) Select a Quantize Rate, to set how close a note is pulled to the point of
resolution (the normal setting is 1.0), then ENTER.
7) Select the measure you want to start at, then the number of measures you
want to quantize.
8) Press ENTER, then REC.