VS-1680: Checking effects unusable in other channels

Tags: vs-1680
When there are effects which cannot be used for a channel/track (because they
are inserted into another channel/track), the insertion destination of those
effects is now displayed. To show Inserted effects of other channels perform
the following procedure:

1) Press SELECT for the channel to which you wish to apply an effect.
2) Press PAGE so that F1 indicates "Ef1In," and then press F1 (Ef1In. If you
wish to insert EFX2-4, press F2[Ef2In], F3[Ef3In], F4[Ef4In] respectively.
3) Press YES.
4) Use the TIME/VALUE dial to select how the effect will be inserted. At this
time, you can view the effects that are inserted into other channels/tracks.
5) Press PLAY[DISPLAY]. You will return to the Play condition.