SI-24, VS-2480: Can the SI-24 Be Used to Add Inputs to the VS-2480?

Tags: bus,inputs,r-bus,rbus,xlr,1/4

Note: The VS-2480 and SI-24, as well as their peripheral products, are no longer in production.

The SI-24 can add additional input capability for the VS-2480. However the SI-24 was not designed to integrate with the VS-2480 or to control its parameters. Also, the amount of tracks on the VS-2480 is fixed to 24 tracks; while the SI-24 can add more input capacity, the SI-24 does not add more tracks the VS-2480.

The SI-24 can only be used as additional XLR audio inputs for the VS-2480 via R-BUS. To setup the SI-24 as an external audio input device:

  1. Connect the SI-24's R-BUS jack to the VS-2480's R-BUS 1 jack using an Roland R-BUS cable.
    Note: A Roland R-BUS cable only can be used. SCSI or any other type of cable is not compatible and could cause damage.
  2. Press UTILITY.
  3. CURSOR to Project and then press ENTER.
  4. Use the CURSOR buttons to select "R-BUS 1" in the MASTER CLOCK section and then turn the TIME/VALUE dial to select it.
  5. By default, the VS-2480's R-BUS 1 (where the SI-24 is connected to) will be input into Input Channels 17-24.


A Note About R-BUS Cables:
R-BUS cables have been out of production for years and we no longer have resources to purchase these. The R-BUS cable was a proprietary design and a SCSI cable/connector is not compatible.