VS8F-3: SYMPTOM: Unable to Select Two Effects

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Certain effects in the VS8F-3 card are considered “Single-Type” effect algorithms and require all the processing power of one VS8F-3 board. You can use one single-type plug-in effect on each VS8F-3 card. In other words, you can't use two single-type VS plug-in programs on one VS8F-3 card; nor can a multi-type and a single-type program coexist.

Multi-Effects that can use two plug-ins effects simultaneously on one VS8F-3 card:

  • Mastering Tool Kit

  • Vocal Channel Strip

  • Pre-amp Modeling

Single-Effects that can use no more than one plug-ins effect on one VS8F-3 card:

  • Tempo Mapping Effect

  • Stereo Reverb