SH-01, GAIA: Formatting USB Memory

Tags: format,usb,gaia,sh-01
You'll need to format your USB memory stick before using it with the GAIA SH-01.

Caution: Formatting a USB memory stick completely erases all of its contents. If there's anything on the stick you want to keep, copy it to your computer's hard drive before proceeding.

1. Switch off the GAIA's power and insert the USB memory stick into the GAIA's USB MEMORY jack on its rear panel.

2. Power on while holding down the TONE COPY and USB MEMORY•PATCH buttons.

3. After GAIA powers up, press the WRITE button to begin formatting the USB memory stick.

Note: The NUMBER buttons light in sequence, 1 to 8, to show your progress. Once the last NUMBER button has finished, your USB Memory is formatted and ready for use.