GR-55: Performing a Backup to a USB Flash Drive

Tags: save,user,settings

The GR-55 contains a Backup feature that lets you store all of your GR-55's user settings conveniently to an external USB flash drive.  

Here are the steps:

1. Turn on the GR-55. 

2. Open the USB memory "door" on the left-side panel of the GR-55.

3. Insert your USB memory flash drive into the port.

4. Press EDIT.

5. Press the PAGE right (>) button to access the SYSTEM tab. 

6. Turn the dial to highlight the BACKUP/INIT icon, and then press ENTER.

7. Turn the dial to highlight the BACKUP/RESTORE icon and then press ENTER.

8. Press the cursor up button to highlight "BACKUP."

9. Press ENTER. 

10. Press cursor right to highlight "OK."

11. Press ENTER.  When the backup process is complete, "COMPLETE" appears briefly in the display.

12. When you're finished, press EXIT and then remove the USB memory drive.