VS-2480, VS-2000, VS-2400, VS-2400CD: "Plug-in program found" message when formatting hard drive

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When formatting your hard drive, you may get an message saying "Plug-in program found". This is telling you that you have one or more 3rd party plug-in programs installed. Since these plug-ins are installed on the hard drive, when you format it, the plug-in programs will be erased as well. You will have to re-install them after the format is complete. In order to re-install the plug-ins you must have the original installation disc that came with the plug-in, or you need to make a backup cd of the plugin. 

The following will guide you through creating a Plug-in Backup disc:

  1. Insert a Blank CD-R into the CD-RW drive.
  3. CURSOR to Page 2 and highlight “PLUG-IN Back”.
  4. Press ENTER/YES.
  5. Use the CURSOR to highlight the PLUG-IN that you want to Backup.
  6. Press F4(BACKUP).
  7. Press ENTER/YES twice.

As long as you have either the original plug-in installation disc, or a plug-in backup cd, it is safe to continue with formatting the hard drive.