FR-8X: Saving a Set

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FR-8X: Saving a Set

There are 100 sets available in your FR-8X accordion.  The first 36 of those sets represent different models of acoustic accordions.  The last 64 sets are blank, so that you can customize and save them to your own liking.

There are many different elements to a set that are adjustable:

  • You can change which orchestral sounds are assigned to the main registers for both the treble and bass side.
  • You can edit how those orchestral sounds are produced (i.e. "touch")
  • You can add effects to your sounds
  • You can edit the volume of the individual orchestral sounds
  • You can assign functions to the chin switches
  • You can edit the accordion sounds

If you explore the menu, comprised of 17 sub-menus, you’ll find all of these functions available for editing. Simply press the menu button located on the front panel of the accordion, and then use the data/enter knob to scroll between sub-menus (including orchestra edit, orchestra bass edit, orchestra chord edit, etc.). Use the data/enter knob to enter the sub-menus by pressing down instead of turning.

Once you’ve set up your accordion how you like it, you need to save it so that the changes stay put even after you've turned the accordion off.  

You can use the following procedure to save your changes to a set:

1) Hold the [write/menu] button until the write page appears.

2) Using the [data/enter] knob, scroll until the word “set” is highlighted.

3) Press the [write] button to enter the set saving page.

4) You’ll now get the option to select which set you want to save your edited parameters to. Scroll with the data/enter knob until your desired set number is highlighted.

5) Press the [write] button again.  

6) You’ll now see a screen that gives you the option of customizing what parts of the set gets saved. We would recommend leaving all of the settings selected (as is), so it will automatically save everything that you’ve adjusted.  

7) Press the [write] button one more time, and your set will be saved just how you set it up.