DR-550, DR-550MKII: Adjusting Panning and Level for each Rhythm Instrument

Tags: dr-550,dr-550mkii
Use the following procedure to adjust panning and level assignments:

1) Hold down SHIFT and press Pad #7(Pad Edit Mode).
2) Select the keypad you are going to alter. (you should already have the
drum sound that you want to edit assigned to a pad.
3) Hold down SHIFT and use the + and - buttons to select the desired parameter
(pan, level etc.).
4) Use the + and - buttons to set the value of the selected parameter.

Note: Key Pad Edits become part of a pattern and cannot be changed after the
pattern is created. If you need to change a drum level or pan position you
will have to delete it from the pattern, edit its parameters and then reprogram
it into the pattern.