BR-900, BR-900CD: How to Create a Rhythm Arrangement

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There are 327 Preset rhythm patterns (including metronomes) that be used for putting together rhythm arrangements for your songs. To put together an arrangement using these patterns or from patterns that you have created use the following procedure;

1) Press the ARRANGE button so that it is lit.

2) CURSOR to "P" (Preset) and turn the TIME/VALUE wheel select "S" (Song Bank).

3) Press EDIT

4) CURSOR to [STEP] and press ENTER.

5) CURSOR to the Pattern Bank field and select either "P" or "S" using the TIME/VALUE dial.

6) CURSOR to the right to select the pattern number that you want to use.

7) Press FF to advance to the the next step.

8) CURSOR to the field to the right of the colon to select the measure number that you want the next pattern to start playing from.

Note: When you play back your arrangement, the pattern from the previous step will continue to play until it reaches the starting measure that you define as the starting measure for each step. If you want to have the same pattern to play without stopping, do not create any additional steps.

9) Repeat steps 5 through 9 until you have finished building your arrangement.

10) Press EXIT twice to store your changes and to get back to the main screen.

11) Make sure the RHYTHM and MASTER faders volume are up, then press PLAY to hear your new arrangement.