PK-6: Setting the PK-6 MIDI Channel

Tags: midi,pk-6
The PK-6 has four modes. Each mode uses its own preset MIDI channel.

MONO mode = 2
POLY mode = 11
DRUM mode = 10

Use the following procedure to set the PK-6 MIDI channel:

1. Press the footswitch under "MODE" that you wish to set the MIDI channel for, so it is lit.

2. Press the SHIFT footswitch so it is lit. The display will show "---".

3. Press the MONO/MIDI CHANNEL footswitch so it is flashing. The display will show the MIDI channel currently assigned to the selected footswitch.

4. Use the pedals labelled "0" through "9" to type in the desired MIDI channel.

NOTE: To enter 10, press "1" followed by "0".

5. Press the pedal labelled "ENTER" to confirm your selection.