VS-2400, VS-2480: Using Hard Drive Partitions

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Roland VS recorders (excluding the VS-840) use an internal hard drive to store audio and song information. These hard drives vary in size, but they all share one common trait... partitions.

If you think of your Hard Drive as a house, then you could say that a partition is like a room in that house. The size of that room can vary, based upon your choices when formatting the drive, but in the VS-2400 and 2480, the default size for these partitions is 10 GB.

If you own an original VS-2480 (no built in CD), then you have a 30 GB hard drive, split into 3 partitions.

If you own a VS-2400CD, then you have a 40 GB hard drive, split into 4 partitions.

If you own a VS-2480CD, then you have a 80 GB hard drive, split into 8 partitions.

The partitions are called IDE in the VS and will be numbered starting with 0 (IDE:0). This is the default partition on all VS machines, and undoubtedly the one you may have been using exclusively to this point.

Changing partitions on the VS-2400 and 2480 is a very simple task.

Step 1: go to your Project List.

Step 2: Use the Time Value Wheel to scroll through the list (You will want to turn the dial clockwise). Once you go past the last song listed, you should see the remainder of your partitions. The next partition in line is IDE:1, and we want to continue to turn the Time Value Wheel until IDE:1 has a black box around it.

Step 3: Above the F6 key, you should see the word "List". (If you do not then refer to step 2, and make sure you have followed the process exactly.) Press F6.

Step 4: You will be asked "Change current drive to IDE:1 Sure?" Click Yes.

Step 5: You will then be prompted to "Store Current?" Only click Yes if you have unsaved changes. Otherwise, click No.

The machine will then change partitions. You will have a new 10GB section, completely empty and ready.

It is also possible to copy existing material from one partition to another. For info on that process, refer to the Help Desk article "Copying a Project"