BR-800: SYMPTOM: The Touch Sensors Are Not Responding Correctly

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The following article contains troubleshooting information in the event that the touch sensors are not responding properly.

  1. During the time from when you turn on the power until the name of a song appears, do not touch the top panel and do not allow any objects to come into contact with it.
  2. While using the BR-800, keep all cables and items away from the top panel--so that they don’t come into contact with it. Do not place any objects on the panel such as guitar cables, microphones or headphones.
  3. When pressing a button, use only one finger and press firmly in the center of the button.

    Do not operate the buttons using your fingernails or while wearing gloves. Do not use objects such as a pen to touch the buttons.
  4. Examples of Incorrect Operation:
  5. When you need to press a number of buttons in succession, make sure to remove your finger from the top panel after each press of a button.
  6. If you're using a power supply, be sure that you're using a BOSS PSA-120S or PSA-120T power supply only--3rd party power supplies can cause the unit to not operate properly. If you are using batteries, try using brand new, unused batteries for troubleshooting purposes--Alkaline batteries are recommended.


If the touch sensors continue to not respond correctly, you can raise their sensitivity:

  1. Turn off BR-800.
  2. Remove the SD memory card.
  3. Connect the PSA power adapter.
    Note: Be sure that the BR-800 is powered using the PSA power adapter, and not batteries, while you are adjusting the sensitivity of the sensors.
  4. Turn on the BR-800.
    Note: After you turn on the power, make sure that you do not touch any part of the top panel until the SW SENSITIVITY (sensitivity adjustment) screen appears.
  5. Using the dial, raise the sensitivity. When the BR-800 is shipped from the factory, this is set to "5".
  6. Press the various buttons, except the [EXIT] button and[ENTER] button, on the top panel to check their sensitivity.
  7. Once you’ve finished checking the sensitivity for all the buttons, press the [ENTER] button.
  8. The message “Save and exit?” will appear, asking you for confirmation. Press the [ENTER] button again.
  9. Once the play screen appears, switch off the BR-800’s power.
  10. Once the BR-800's power is off, insert the SD card.