e-Band, JS-8: Using the A<>B Button

Tags: repeat,loop,automatic,song,a,js-8,e-band,ab,practice,button,b,automatically
You can loop a section within a song by setting loop points using the A<>B button. This can help you practice a section of a song by having the JS-8 automatically repeat the section over and over.

Here’s how to do this using the A<>B button:

1. Select the song.

2. Press PLAY to start playback of the song.

3. While the song is playing, press the A<>B button where you want playback to begin. This sets the A point for your looped section —“A<” shows in the lower left of the display.

4. Press A<>B again when you reach the location at which you want playback to loop around. This sets the B point for the loop, and the song begins looping within the A and B points you’ve set.

5. To cancel the loop points, press STOP twice, and then press A<>B until “ONE” appears in the display.