SC-33, DS-330: Creating a Multitimbral Setup

Tags: ds-330,sc-33
Use the following procedure to createa multitimbral setup:

1. Press the UTILITY button until you see SINGLE Mode.

2. Use the VALUE/VARIATION up button to select MULTI Mode.

3. Press EXIT.

4. You will see the Part/MIDI channel displayed on the lower-right of the screen.

5. To change Parts, press the PART (CH) up and down buttons.

6. Instruments can be selected for each Part by pressing the bank and number buttons.

7. To change MIDI channels for a given Part, press the PART EDIT button until you see Part:Ch, and use the VALUE/VARIATION up and down buttons to select any of the 16 MIDI channels.

8. Press EXIT to return normal Multi play mode.