HandSonic HPD-20: Kit Copy

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The Kit Copy feature in the HPD-20 lets you copy kits of your choice to other kit locations. This can be useful when wanting to make changes to an existing kit, but still want to have another kit available that has similar settings and assignments.  

Here's how to copy a Kit in the HPD-20: 

1. Press MENU. 

2. Press the cursor right arrow button (>) to highlight the "TOOLS" icon, and then press ENTER. 

3. Press cursor right (>) once to highlight "KIT COPY," and then press ENTER.

4. Press the + or - button to choose the Preset or User group that you want to copy from.

5. Press the cursor down button once.

6. Press + or - to choose the Kit that you want to copy.   

7.  Press cursor down once to highlight the "destination" kit. 

8. Press + or - to choose the destination Kit that you want to copy to. Note: The Kit that you select in this step will be replaced by the Kit that you chose in Step 6. 

9. Press the function 3 button (COPY).

10. Press cursor right to highlight "YES."  

11. Press ENTER - "Completed!" appears briefly in the display.

12. Press the KIT button when you're finished.