VP-7: Changing the Function of the Output L/R Jacks (Output Mode)


Using these steps you can specify whether the output L/R output jacks output a stereo signal, or whether the L/Mono jack will only output the Human Voice,Vocal Designer or Vocoder sound while the R jack outputs only the direct sound.


1. While holding down the VOCODER button, turn on power.


          * This mode setting is discarded when you turn off the power.

          * If the Output Mode is selected the AMBIENCE knob will not function.

          * Use an external mixer or other device to adjust the balance between the direct sound and the Vocal Designer 


          * When a Vocal Designer sound is selected, you can use the HARMONY knob to adjust that sound.

          * When BYPASS on, only the HUMAN VOICE/VOCAL DESIGNER/VOCODER sound will disappear.