me70, ME-70: Selecting Patches

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Patches are stored in the ME-70 in 9 banks, numbered 1-9. Each bank holds 4 patches. To load a patch, you first select the bank that contains the patch, and then you select the patch. Use the following procedure to load Preset Patch 5-3 (Preset Bank 5, Patch 3) as an example:

1. Press the MOD 2 and DELAY 3 pedals simultaneously so that a bank and patch number shows in the display.

2. Press the BANK left or right buttons so that "P5" flashes in the display. This tells you that Preset Bank 5 is selected and the the ME-70 is waiting for you to choose the desired patch in Bank 5.
Tip: You can also change banks with the numbered pedals;
Press the COMP and OD/DS pedals simultaneously - all indicators flash on the pedals. Press the COMP or OD-/DS pedal to select the desired bank. Once you've chosen the bank, press COMP and OD/DS simultaneously again.

3. Now step on Pedal 3. P5 stops flashing and Patch 5-3 is loaded.