CD-2: Recording Direct to a CD.

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Any of the inputs can be used to record directly to CD. This is the fastest way to burn a CD in a live situation. For example, if you wanted to record a rehearsal, or live show, and hand-out a finished CD at the end of the performance, then this would be the procedure you would use.

1.Press the EJECT button on the CD side of the CD-2 and insert a blank CDR/RW.

2. Once it is finished reading the TOC on the screen,check the levels for the mic and line inputs and make the appropriate adjustments.

3. Press the record button on the right side of the CD-2(next to play with a red circle) so that it flashes red.

4. When you're ready to start recording, press the PLAY button.

5. When you're done recording, press STOP. If this is the only, or last, recording on the CD, press the FINALIZE button. When the message "Are you sure?" appears, press the ENTER button.

NOTE: If you want to play the finished CD in a standard CD player, then you will need to use a data CDR, and finalize it.