TD-3SW: Box Weight and Dimensions

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Box 1(TD-3KW)
1) TD-3 Percussion Module
(1) PDX-8 Mesh Pad
(3) PD-8 Rubber Pads
(1) KD-8 Kick Pad
(1) CY-5 Cymbal Pad
(2) CY-8 Cymbal Pads
(1) FD-8 Hi-Hat Control Pedal
(1) multi-cable harness
Weight: 50 lbs
Dimensions: 28" (long) x 16" (Wide) x 28" (High)

Box 2(MDS-3C) stand
This box includes the drum set rack, the clamps and arms for both the pads and the cymbals, and the mounting plate that attaches to the bottom of the TD-3 percussion module
Weight 25 lbs.
Dimensions: 36" (long) x 30" (Wide) x 7" (High)