U-110: Loading System Exclusive Data

Tags: u-110,sysex
Many MIDI devices allow you to store and retrieve data via MIDI system exclusive messages. Use the following procedure to setup the U-110 to receive system exclusive information:

1. Press EDIT.

2. CURSOR to “Setup” and press ENTER.

3. CURSOR to “MIDI” and press ENTER.

4. Press the left CURSOR until the screen displays “CTRL CHANNEL.”

5. Use INC / DEC to set the control channel to the channel that was originally used when the data was sent to the sequencer.

6. Press the right CURSOR button until “EXCLUSIVE” is displayed.

7. Use the INC / DEC buttons to select “ON.”

8. Start sending the system exclusive data from your

NOTE: The MIDI light will go on if the U-110 is receiving data. When the system exclusive file from the sequencer has completed playing, select a new patch to confirm that the data has been loaded.