VS-2000CD: Connecting the VS20-VGA expansion card

Tags: card,out,vs-2000cd,vga,vs20
When installing the VS20-VGA, there are two panels on the bottom and rear of the VS-2000CD that need to be removed.

1. Remove panels with a screwdriver.
2. Feed the cable through the smaller rear panel and position the VGA connector so it lines up with the holes on the chassis- make sure the lettering is going the correct direction. Replace the screws to hold that panel into place.
3. Push the 25-pin IDE connector into the available port on the VS-2000 main board. There should be a raised portion towards the middle of the cable connector that fits the groove on the port in the board. Line these two up and then push the connector all the way into the port.
4. Replace the bottom panel and set the VS-2000CD right-side up.
5. Connect a VGA monitor and mouse/ASCII keyboard to the VS20-VGA add-on board.
6. Turn on the VS-2000CD. In the System Parameter screen, select F3[Param3]. Turn the VGA OUT and P/S2 Mouse box to "On".
7. Hold down HOME and press F6 to change the Operation Target between the LCD and the VGA.