BR-900, BR-900CD: Using Pitch Correction

Tags: pitch,tune,br-900,correction

The BR-900CD has a pitch correction feature you can use to clean up some mistakes in a solo vocal part. Using this feature, you can correct pitches in real time and in semitone units, then bounce the corrected part to a new track.

1. Before using pitch correction, a solo vocal track must be recorded.

2. Press REC MODE several times until the "Bounce" indicator lights up in the screen.

3. Move the CURSOR to the top right corner of display and use the TIME/VALUE dial to select the track to which the corrected vocal part will be bounced. The track you choose will flash red.

4. Press the PITCH CORRECTION button.

5. Move the CURSOR to the patch number and select a patch using the TIME/VALUE dial.

6. CURSOR right to get to “locat,” and press ENTER.

7. Use the TIME/VALUE dial to select the track that contains the original solo vocal recording.

8. Make sure you are at the beginning of the vocal part, then press PLAY to begin auditioning the pitch correction. Pitches will be corrected in the solo vocal part as it is being played. Listen to the part to confirm that it is now satisfactorily in tune. This is the time to change the different Pitch Correction patches (Ex. "P01:Alto") to one that best suits your vocal track. If necessary, adjust the volume of the part using the corresponding track fader. Press STOP to end playback.

9. Now, we must bounce the track in order to capture the pitch correction. Move the faders for all tracks, except the track containing the solo vocal recording, all the way down. This also applies to the Rhythm fader.

10. Go to the beginning of your vocal part and press REC.
REC will turn red and start to flash, indicating that the BR-900CD is now ready for recording.

11. Press PLAY. Both PLAY and REC will light up and recording will begin. The solo part will be played and any incorrect pitches will be fixed. At the same time, the corrected part will be bounced to the selected track.

12. Press STOP at the point where you want to stop recording.

13. Press ZERO to jump to the start of the song and then start playback of the recorded track. To hear the results move the fader for the track containing the original vocal part all the way down, and raise the fader for the track containing the corrected vocal part to a desired level.