MC-909: Creating a Pattern using Realtime Recording

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Creating a pattern on the MC-909 involves selecting an empty pattern, selecting a patch, and the recording process. Use the following procedure:

First select an empty User Pattern.

1. Press PATTERN.

2. Press F1 [List].

3. Press F2 [User].

4. Rotate the VALUE dial to select an empty Pattern.

5. Press F6 [Select Pattern].

Now select a Part and Patch.


2. CURSOR UP or CURSOR DOWN to select a Part.

3. Press F1 [List].

4. Use F1 or F2 to select a bank.

5. Use the VALUE Dial to highlight a Patch.

6. Press F6 [Select] to select the Patch.

The MC-909 is now ready to record a Pattern.

1. Press REC so it is flashing.

2. Press F1 [Realtime]. (The metronome should start sounding)

3. CURSOR DOWN to "Rec Measure Length."

4. Rotate the VALUE Dial to select the length of the Pattern.

5. CURSOR DOWN to "Quantize Resolution."

6. Use the VALUE Dial to select the resolution.

Note: "1/16" is a recommended value if you are not sure.

7. Press F6 [BPM/Click].

8. Use the VALUE Dial to select the Tempo.

Note: Hold SHIFT while Rotating the VALUE Dial to increment in whole numbers.

9. Press F6 [Close] to return to the Record Standby Screen.

10. Press PLAY to start recording. The REC button will stop flashing and will remain lit.

NOTE: There will be a 2 measure count-in.

11. Play the Velocity Pads to record notes.

12. Press STOP when finished recording.