VS-2400, VS-2480: Assigning Aux Sends To Faders

Tags: vs-2400,vs-2480,level,aux,send,assign,fader,knob/fader,sends
Assigning Aux Sends to the VS faders is an easy and quick way to adjust the Aux Send Level for any of your Inputs Mixer Channels, Tracks, or FX Returns. This comes in handy when you're adjusting the level of the Aux Sends for loop effects for many channels or tracks at one time. It's also handy if you're setting up individual headphone mixes via Aux Sends.

1. Press [UTILITY] and then press [F2] for Global Parameter.

2. Cursor down to the "Knob/Fdr ASSIGN SW" area. Use your [TIME/VALUE DIAL] to place a check mark next to "Fader".


4. Press [KNOB/FDR ASSIGN]. You will notice that all of the motorized faders have changed positions because now they all represent a particular Aux Send for all of the channels/tracks.

5. To select which Aux Send that the faders represent, use the numeric keypad to choose the Aux Sends. The number 1 selects Aux 1. The number 2 selects Aux 2, and so on through the number 8 to select Aux 8.

6. The "Fader Condition" buttons above the Master Fader now become selectors for picking which input channels, or tracks, or FX Returns you want to control a specific Aux Send on.

For example, suppose that you wanted recorded tracks 1-8 and 17-18 to utilize the reverb patch as a loop effect setup on FX 1. To do so, you would follow the steps below:

7. After following steps #1-4 above, press [1] on the numeric keypad. Now the faders represent Aux Send 1.

8. Press [EFFECT] and [F1] for FX 1.

9. Press [F1] for Patch. Use the [TIME/VALUE DIAL] to highlight P000:REVERB or some other reverb patch.

10. Press [F5] to Select the Patch, then press [DISPLAY/HOME].

11. Press [TR 1-16] so that the faders now represent Aux Send 1 for tracks 1-16.

12. Press [PLAY]and move the faders 1-8 to adjust the amount of signal that you are sending through Aux Send 1 to the reverb effect on FX 1.

13. Press [TR 17-24] and adjust faders 17 and 18 to adjust the amount of signal that you are sending through Aux Send 1 from those tracks.