MV-8000, MV-8800: What is Multi Timbre Sampler Mode?

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Connecting the MIDI OUT of a keyboard to the MIDI IN of the MV-8000/8800 will allow you to play the instrument assigned to the currently selected MIDI track. It doesn't matter what MIDI channel the keyboard is transmitting; you'll always play the instrument assigned to that track.

However, if you're using an external sequencer (Sonar, Cubase, Logic, etc.) and wish to control the MV's 16 instruments independently, you must turn Multi Timbre Sampler Mode on. In this mode, you're effectively turning the MV into a separate studio sampler and pad controller. Part 1 on the Instruments page responds to MIDI channel 1, part 2 responds to MIDI channel 2, and so on.

For normal operation, Multi Timbre Sampler Mode should be OFF.

To change the Multi Timbre Sampler Mode:

1. Press SYSTEM.
2. Cursor to MIDI and press ENTER.
3. Cursor to Multi Timbre Sampler Mode and choose "On" or "Off".