XP-50: Muting Parts Using Rx Switch

Tags: xp-50
At times, it may desirable to mute instrument parts on a track at different
locations in a song. The XP-50 must be in a MIX recording mode. Use the
following procedure to record ‘mutes’ in a song:

1) Press RECORD.
2) Press PLAY.
3) Press PERFORM.
4) Press EDIT so it is lit.
5) Press 3/11[MIDI].
6) CURSOR RIGHT to Rx button.

NOTE: Be sure to enter the desired measure to begin ‘muting’ to minimize
waiting time, when overdubbing the mutes. Also, each track will have to be
consecutively muted.

7) Use the INC/DEC buttons to turn on/off the Rx MIDI switch when needed.